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Wireless Network setup!

Over the next few pages an automated configuration tool will set up your device for secure wireless network access.

To ensure your security, the Kansas State University network uses WPA2 Enterprise security, which protects your data by encrypting it during transmission through the air and requires authentication with a valid eID password. Authentication restricts the use of K-State's secure wireless network to current faculty, staff, students, and authorized affiliates. To utilize this secure network, your network connection requires specific settings. This automated tool will ensure that your machine is properly configured.

The automated configuration tool supports the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, iOS devices, and Android devices.

Select the appropriate group below to start the automated configuration tool (XpressConnect) for your wireless device. If you would prefer to set up your device manually, you may refer to the documentation provided here.

To get started select the appropriate option below.

K-State faculty, staff, and
students not living on campus

Students living in K-State residence
halls or Jardine apartments